How to Choose the Right MicroSD Card for Android

How to Choose the Right MicroSD Card for Android

With the passage of time, technology has advanced in such a way that users who have Android mobile devices are becoming more demanding. Especially when it comes to specs like smartphone storage. Therefore, many people prefer to buy a phone that has the option of adding a microSD card too, for example, increase their mobile storage.

Right MicroSD Card for Android

Although, this last action is not the only action that we can carry out with memory cards. In addition, it must be clear that it is a fairly common solution that makes life easier since we will completely forget about having to reserve space within our phones. Now, the truth is that some people have mobile devices without a slot for these cards. So what can they do? Fortunately, there is another way to increase the internal storage of your terminal at certain times.

Add a microSD memory to your mobile

The truth is that mobile devices formerly did not have wireless connections such as Wi-Fi or even Bluetooth. So it was quite difficult to manage all the files that we were storing in our terminals, such as images or videos. Besides that his reduced memory also complicated our existence.

However, with the arrival of smartphones, these problems were solved, and much more with the arrival of cloud services. Functionality has facilitated the task of transferring the files from the terminal to have them accessible on any device.

However, it still remains a factor today that many users are completely unaware of and still wonder how it works. Therefore, there is an even easier alternative, we refer to memory cards for mobile phones through slots. However, depending on the model and manufacturer, we may not have this alternative, as is the case with Apple’s iPhone.

The Best MicroSD Cards

For this reason, it will be necessary to resort to external memories through its USB port, which we use to charge the smartphone itself. That is why we will explain both those that are compatible with our mobile devices, as well as the method of connecting external storage through an adapter.

In addition, surely many users still do not know, but by connecting a terminal to an external hard drive or storage card, we can enjoy videos or movies that are stored inside. So it will come great at any time when we go on vacation to a place where we do not have Wi-Fi.

Cards compatible with smartphones

The first type of storage that we will use to increase the internal space of our mobile will be that product that we call MicroSD card. Although the truth is that, within this accessory, we can find that they have different names, specifically, they are divided into three.

In addition, each of them has a maximum capacity and certain characteristics that make them more suitable depending on what need we want to cover. In this way, before buying this accessory for our mobile, we will have to make sure what microSD storage the terminal supports since not all cards and storage will be valid. Likewise, it will be essential not to forget the importance of placing it correctly on our mobile.

Cards compatible with smartphones

The classics are the microSD, they were also the most common years ago. Especially when smartphones did not have a great importance that they have today. Although they have already lagged behind since they have a maximum capacity of 2GB. Then we came across microSDHC cards. These are an improvement that allows us to have larger capacities of up to 32 GB. They will even give us more appropriate results to use for both photography and video recording.

Finally, there are the so-called microSDXC, the latest standard that there is and that is capable of offering us storage of up to 2 TB. This is why they are the ones that will give us the best results on our mobile today.

Although it must be taken into account that each card is adapted to certain needs. Therefore, before choosing which one we are going to buy, we have to know what the manufacturer of our mobile says with its maximum storage capacity and if it makes any indication about the class or allowed speeds. Of course, it will always be more advisable to buy one that offers us something else. Basically, because we are going to be able to charge phones and use them in the new smartphone that we buy.

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