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Reverse Charging Guide on Android Mobiles, With and Without Cables

Technology in mobile devices does not stop growing, especially in recent years, since it has been a period in which we have seen great advances. As is the case with the interesting reverse charging of smartphones. Probably, many users have not yet tried this option, but without a doubt, it is one of the features that can help us at any time.

Reverse Charging Guide on Android Mobiles

We make it clear that it is one of the functionalities that has gone unnoticed the most among users, more than anything because there are still people who are still completely unaware if their smartphone has this type of technology. Of course, it should not be confused with the classic wireless, basically, because with this function, we can turn our smartphone into a charging base for other mobiles or even for other devices such as, for example, Bluetooth speakers or headphones.

What is reverse mobile charging?

Before going on to know how we can carry out the last thing that we have mentioned, the truth is that we have to know a little more about this technology. Mainly, we are facing a method that works with contact, that is, we can power other devices just by placing them on our terminal.

And although this technology has its origin in wireless charging, which began to emerge years ago in mobile phones, the reality is that it can also be used through a cable.

Mobiles with Reverse Charging

As we mentioned, it is more than anything the ability to exchange energy from one device to another. In this way, a terminal with wireless charging capacity can act as a power bank base as long as it has this technology integrated into its hardware. However, in the case of not having it, you can also resort to another method, which we will explain later.

As time has passed, it has spread more, that is why it is little known for now. In any case, it is a technology that promises a lot, since it is not only about the fact that we can charge one mobile with another, but best of all, we can supply power to any other device.

Charge any device with your mobile without cables

First of all, you have to know that if you want to charge your mobile with another, both must be compatible with wireless technology, but it will not be necessary for both to have the reverse functionality. That is, if your mobile is compatible with reverse technology, we will be able to power other mobiles with basic wireless or even other devices such as headphones or other accessories.

In addition, the development that led to the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis technology was basically so that we do not run out of battery in any situation. For this reason, its operation is based on electromagnetic waves that, through contact, are capable of being sent.

However, we must know that being a mobile device, the speed with which the other terminal or accessory fills its battery is limited. Well, this way we avoid overheating our smartphones. It is a technology that is still evolving and needs a few years to mature.

Reverse Charging

For this reason, the wireless and reverse route is a more spectacular method. However, its integration in different mobile phones is still something very difficult to find in those terminals that do not belong to the high range. Leaving this fact aside, we must emphasize the idea that it allows energy to be transferred from one device to another through direct contact, yes, we will have to place the device that we want to recharge on the back of the smartphone.

In addition, as we mentioned, both terminals must be compatible with the WPC Qi certification. In the event that you meet these requirements, you can start it up by accessing Settings and entering Battery or Connections. Then the reverse wireless function will have to be activated. Then it will be the simplest step since we will only have to turn the phone over and place the terminal that is going to receive the energy from ours on top.

Once we have followed these steps, said recharge will begin automatically and will remain active until we separate both smartphones. However, for priority reasons, some devices disable this technology when the battery of the smartphone used as a base is too low.

It should also be clear that it is somewhat more sensitive than the traditional cable method, so we must take care of some aspects such as the fact that it will not be as fast a method. Likewise, both devices must be turned on and it is also advisable that they do not have any type of casing or cover that blocks their connection.