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When Will the First Full-screen iPhone Arrive?

All brands compete on the same path, offering their users the best mobile device always. However, in recent years we have seen a much tougher battle in the section of smartphone screens. And all for a single reason, to get a smartphone with a “full screen”.

When will the first full-screen iPhone arrive

In the case of Apple, we have already seen how it began to work on this aspect with the reduction of the bezels, the fact that they removed the Touch ID from their panels, and the arrival of the famous notch of the iPhone X. However, mobile manufacturers, want to go one step further. Therefore, many wonder when we can enjoy a full-screen iPhone without anything interfering with visibility.

Touch ID y Face ID bajo el panel del iPhone

One of the first problems that the American company has run into is that by giving the Face ID function biometric exclusivity, the truth is that it still needs the small notch, which we have been seeing during these last four generations of iPhone. Also, how many are the users who continue to miss and cheer for the return of Touch ID?

However, it seems to be getting closer and closer to fulfilling this request. Especially now that Apple has just seen how a patent has been approved with which they can move so many Face ID and Touch ID components under an OLED screen. That is, those from Cupertino already have in mind to recover their famous fingerprint sensor, but this time under the panel of their iPhone. And best of all, they will eliminate the well-known notch or hole for the selfie camera from the screens at once.

iPhone 12 review

And although this patent does not speak openly about these two technologies, the truth is that with the descriptions of the components that they want to place under the panel, it is clear that they refer to these two famous elements of the iPhone. In addition, it can be clearly seen how the firm speaks that the screens will end up being thicker and users will have a greater use surface for what they want.

However, after seeing that this patent has been approved, the thought that goes through the heads of many is when we will get to enjoy these two elements on an Apple mobile. It is clear that, for the next smartphone that is released this year, it is impossible that we will get to see it. So all hopes are placed on the iPhone 14, although many believe that it will not be until the arrival of the mobile that Apple will present in 2024 when we will enjoy its mobile in full screen.